Opposition to the Restorational Move of God in the Marketplace by Dr. James Magara

In the last twenty odd years, we have witnessed a restoration move of God to restore His Kingdom righteousness, justice, and godly governance into the market place in Uganda. This came with a growing understanding in the Body of Christ that God’s Kingdom is not limited to what we call “church”. Rather, His Kingdom reigns […]

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Post 2016 Election Word by Dr. James Magara

The church services and prayer meetings following Uganda’s Presidential Elections are some of the most difficult to lead because inevitably some people are sad/angry, while others are glad/relieved. So every word said in such meetings is measured/weighed and either found wanting or passed. Speakers are judged and given attention depending on which side they are […]

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Intercessors for Uganda National Prayer Conference 2015

Intercessors for Uganda a national intercessory ministry is organizing an annual prayer conference under the theme: “Possessing the Land” based on Joshua 17:17, 18. 17Then Joshua said to the descendants of Joseph, the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, “You are an important and very powerful people. One region is not enough for you. 18The mountain region will […]

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