Week 1 Theme (21 – 27th August 2022): The Role of Parents in Raising Children

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Presented by Mr. Stephen Langa on Sunday, 21st August 2022

Marriage is the foundation of the family, and the family is the foundation of the Church and State. The world is in the era of ideological warfare and children are a primary target of dark forces including homosexuality, pornography, child defilers, satanists, radical feminists, politicians, etc. Today’s children live in a hostile and wicked world.

State of Fatherhood in Uganda:

A study concluded that approximately:
• 10% of fathers have fathered a child but are not aware that they have.
• 40% of fathers are aware that they have fathered a child but have abdicated their responsibility.
• 45% of fathers are involved in the lives of their children but are not emotionally connected (without emotional connection the child grows up like an orphan)
• Only 5% of fathers are taking their parental responsibilities seriously and are emotionally connected to their children.

We are a fatherless generation. This is manifesting in lawlessness, lack of respect for authority, and the increasing gang culture.

God’s View of Children:
1. They are precious in His sight (Matthew 18:3-5)
2. Jesus warned against stumbling them (Matthew 18:6)
3. Their angels ever behold the face of God (Matthew 18:10)
4. Children should receive accurate historical information (Exodus 12:26; Exodus 10:2; Exodus 13:8)

Commands to Parents:
1. Education is primarily parent’s responsibility; they can delegate some of that responsibility to a school, but they remain responsible before God (Deuteronomy 4:9; Psalm78:4-6)
2. Don’t be an accomplice to your child’s death (Proverbs 19:18)
3. Don’t spare the rod (Proverbs 13:24)
4. God demands godly offspring (Malachi 2:15)
5. God has given parental guidelines (Proverbs 22:6; Colossians 3:21; Ephesians 6:1)

Children belong to God. He has delegated the raising of children to parents. Government is not God neither should it take the place of God. Government’s role is to create an enabling environment for parents to raise their children.

According to experts, by the age of three a child has already received 50% of all values. Parents are therefore well placed to instill these values early.

The Goal of Parenting:

To raise a God-fearing autonomous, responsible, and productive citizen who will thrive in this world and rise to their God-given potential and destiny and contribute towards making the world a better place.


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