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On 8th Oct 2012, the eve of our nation’s golden Jubilee, the body of Christ in Uganda covenanted our nation to God for His purposes in the next 50 years.


Uganda Jubilee Network is an interdenominational association of like-minded Christian organizations in Uganda, facilitating Communities towards realization of the full benefits of Jubilee.


  • You Shall Hallow The Fiftieth Year And Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land To All Its Inhabitants. It Shall Be A Jubilee To You And Each Of You Shall Return To His Ancestral Possession – Leviticus 25:10
  • The Foundation of God’s Throne Are Righteousness and JusticePsalms 89:14



To advocate and influence policies and ideals that reflect purposes and ways of God in Uganda and other nations through the sphere of influence.


    1. We believe in and foster unity and love in the Body of Christ and the nation
    2. We conduct all our affairs in the light of biblical standards of  righteousness
    3. We uphold justice and mercy in our relationships within and without
    4. We believe in and foster love for our nation (patriotism)


  1. To create awareness and awakening to the nation’s jubilee season by serving as a prophetic voice, prompter and catalyst for national transformation.
  2. To provide materials that guide the Body of Christ and nation in the journey of realizing the full benefits of Jubilee.
  3. Equipping and envisioning of leaders in the Body of Christ and nation, to scale up the manifestation of servant leadership in Uganda.
  4. Organize, enhance, ignite and support prayer initiatives for the nation

To foster and catalyze the holistic emancipation/liberation and transformation of communities in Uganda


We expect to see the Body of Christ and the Nation experiencing the full benefits of Jubilee, namely: Unity, Liberty, Financial Release, Justice, Righteousness, Mercy, Truth and Patriotism led by godly leadership with righteous foundations laid and established in the seven spheres of societal influence, fulfilling God’s redemptive purpose.


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