Uganda jubilee network


Annual National 50 Day Prayer and Fasting Campaign

Since 2012, Uganda Jubilee Network has observed 19th August to 7th October – fifty days leading up to our National Independence Anniversary Celebrations as days of prayer and fasting, seeking God’s face, and praying for the fulfillment of His purposes for our country. Each year has had a societal focus. The focus of the upcoming year (October 9, 2023 – October 8, 2024) is the Economy and Business Sector

Penda Uganda

A UJN Project where talented emerging musicians are identified, taken through a training program that exposes them to song writing, different aspects of audio production, recording, performance, marketing, and the role of music in Nation building. Participants are then required to write original songs around chosen themes. The project culminates in the production of an album with the best songs written by the participants. and the awarding of the best songs, which are promoted for popularization in the Media

Christian Leaders' Market Place Fellowship

A platform for networking by Christians in executive leadership positions within the public sector. The Fellowship, takes place once every month on a first Sunday. The fellowship keeps its focus on the Kingdom of God rather than on various denominations, promoting love and unity in the Body of Christ and the nation. It builds on and upholds biblical standards of righteousness, and aims to propagate the biblical principles of justice, mercy and truth, and promotes the spirit of patriotism.