Christian Market Place Leaders Fellowship

This is a fellowship that provides a platform for networking by Christians in executive leadership positions within the public sector. The Fellowship takes place once every month on a first Sunday includes worship, an inspirational teaching or message on leadership, testimony from a leader who shall inspire others, discussion and prayer.

The fellowship keeps its focus on the Kingdom of God rather than on various denominations, promoting love and unity in the Body of Christ and the nation. It is built on and upholds biblical standards of righteousness, and aims to propagate the biblical principles of justice, mercy and truth, and promotes the spirit of patriotism.

Our Vision:
The Kingdom of God established in the sphere of governance, and all other institutions in our nation.

Working for the establishment and manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the sphere of governance in Uganda by:

  1. Enabling the creation of a network of Christians called to executive leadership positions in the sphere of governance to include its executive, judiciary and legislature
  2. Providing a platform and links to coach, train, teach, counsel, mentor, and encourage executive leaders on biblical leadership principles for such leaders

Target Participants:
The participants are Christians that occupy executive positions within the spheres of governance and business/economy, and especially those within the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

Fellowship Objectives:

  1. Fostering the creation of a network of Christians called to leadership at top levels of the governance sphere to include its Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.
  2. Providing a platform for these leaders to hear God’s word as it relates with their leadership call and role in governance
  3. Providing a platform for these leaders to obtain prayer support, and establish targeted prayer altars
  4. Providing a forum for these leaders to share their experiences, coping mechanisms, obtain encouragement and support for one another
  5. Providing a platform and links for these leaders to sharpen their leadership skills through coaching, mentoring, counseling and training

Expected Outcome:
Transforming the sphere of governance as the Kingdom of God is manifested through executive leaders who apply biblical principles of leadership that result in increasing righteousness, justice, mercy and truth, and diminishing corruption and unrighteousness.

All participants shall make a contribution of 50,000/= (fifty thousand shillings) towards the cost of holding the meeting every month.  In addition, participants are encouraged to make cash contributions to support the establishment of this Fellowship. Everyone is asked to bring a bible and a note book.

For more details, please contact;

Tel: +256 773362477, 0703918445

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