Praying for the 2016 Elections and the Future of Uganda

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50-Day Prayer and Fasting Season

On 8th October 2012, the eve of our nation’s Golden Jubilee, we covenanted our nation to God for His purposes in the next 50 years. Leading up to Independence Day annually, there will be a season of prayer focusing on God’s purposes for our land and seeking His face. The main focus of this year’s prayer and fasting season is the upcoming 2016 elections and the future of leadership in our nation. We invite the Body of Christ to participate in this prayer season starting 19th August 2015 and ending 7th October 2015.

The Objectives for the 2015 Prayer Season are:

  1. To pray for the 2016 elections, and the future of leadership in Uganda (1Timothy 2:1-4)
  2. To humble ourselves before God and seek His face
  3. To join our Lord Jesus Christ in His high priestly prayer for unity among his followers as recorded in John 17
  4. To pray for the Body of Christ to rise to her calling in all the spheres of society
  5. To pray for the full manifestation of God’s Kingdom in all spheres of Ugandan society by the Jubilee in 2062
  6. To renew our covenant with God concerning our nation
  7. To seek God’s enablement for us to fulfil our individual, family, congregational and organizational roles in seeing God’s plan for our generation come to pass.


Guidelines for the Prayer and Fasting:

  1. The recommended mode of fasting is taking one meal over a 24-hour period. Water and light fluids are acceptable during the fasting period.  We encourage the drinking of plenty of water.
  2. While we encourage believers to participant in all the 50 days, we recognize that many believers are not accustomed to this length of fast so we suggest some variations for those would like to take part in a shorter fast during the period. The fasting period is seven weeks. If one took a 24-hour fast on a different day of each of the seven weeks, they would cover all the themes in the prayer guide.
  3. Alternatively one could choose one week during the seven-week period to fast and pray over all the themes covered in the prayer guide.
  4. This period provides the opportunity for every believer to exercise themselves in the discipline of fasting and stretch themselves a little more than they are accustomed to.
  5. Personal, family, organizational, and local congregational matters regarding God’s plans for the future should be covered in addition to the daily themes for prayer.


The events proposed for 2015 Prayer Campaign

Prayer groups and congregations should organize the events listed below locally:

  1. Tuesday, 18th August 2015 (evening): dedication of the prayer and fasting season. This should include praying for those committing to the fasting season.
  2. Weekly prayer vigils: Fridays nights are recommended times for the weekly prayer vigil. Prayer leaders must ensure they get the necessary permissions and observe local regulations. A suggested program guide is given in Appendix A.
  3. Wednesday, 7th October 2015 (evening): conclusion of the fasting season.  Sharing of Holy Communion is recommended as we pray for the hastening of the day Jesus spoke of in Matthew 26:29, Mark 14:25 and Luke 22:18.
  4. Thursday, 8th October 2015: Independence eve night prayer vigil. Dedicating the year 2015/2016.
  5. A 2-day Conference planned for Kampala (6th & 7th October 2015).


Download Prayer Guide 2015 (English Version)
Download Prayer Guide 2015 (Luganda Version)
Download Prayer Guide 2015 (Runyankole Version)
Download Prayer Guide 2015 (Luo Version)
CHILDREN – Prayer & Fasting Calendar

Download Daily Prayer Themes:

MONDAYS: 2016 Elections – Thanksgiving for the Years of Relative Peace
TUESDAYS: 2016 Elections: Praying For Righteous & Just Leaders to Emerge
WEDNESDAYS: 2016 Elections: Praying for the Electorate
THURSDAYS: 2016 Elections – A Prayer for the 2016 Elections & Beyond
FRIDAYS: 2016 Elections: The Electoral Commission
SATURDAYS: 2016 Elections – The Elections and Post-Elections Period
SUNDAYS: 2016 Elections – Praying for the Body of Christ’s Participation


Download Flyers for the Prayer season:

Flyer (English version)
Flyer (Luganda)
Flyer (Luo)
Flyer (Runyankole)

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to commend you for taking on this mantle. We must both pray and act. There is no other way for us as Christians.

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