WEEK ONE (19th – 25th August 2019) The Performing Arts

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You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
PSALM 16:11

Main Prayer Focus of the Week:

  • That there will be a new understanding of discipling the Performing Arts as a  part of the Great Commission.
  • Envisioning: To pray for fresh vision for those that are called to this mountain
  • Spiritual Warfare: To wage war against the hordes of hell that are confusing the church and resisting her advance on this mountain
  • Recommitment to fulfilling the Great Commission in the Celebration Sphere


The performing arts include music, dance, oratory, drama, theatre, film, and comedy. These are art forms where individuals or groups perform separately or together. These art forms have a host of people who support them: songwriters, scriptwriters, producers, conductors, costume designers, and make up artists etc.



  • Thank God for creating rhythm, music, movement and dance that give us enjoyment of life and fill our lives with many memories. Many of our life memories are stored up with songs. The playing of an old song can bring back memories that had long been forgotten.
  • Thank God for the musicians in the country who are using their gifting not only for godly worship, but also for teaching and discipling the nation in biblical values.


  • Ask God’s forgiveness for the ways music and dance have been perverted and used for idolatry, sensuality, and the propagation of hatred and sectarianism in our country.
  • Ask God’s forgiveness for ways that the church has followed the world’s patterns and standards in music and dance instead of vice versa.
  • Ask God’s forgiveness for church’s relative neglect of the celebration sphere and inadequate discipling and instruction of the nation using the powerful tool of music.

Pray that:

  • God will teach us how to correctly represent Him in the music and dance scene at the national level.
  • Understanding will increase among Christian music and dance artists of the importance of their role in discipling the nation and building God’s Kingdom.
  • There will be a teachable spirit in the Body of Christ in Uganda regarding the role of the music and the arts in discipling the nation.
  • Those called to the music and dance aspect of the celebration sphere will be grounded in God and His Word so that they can spread biblical values through this sphere.
  • The religious spirit that has kept sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God locked out of this sphere, will be judged and removed so that there will be enlightened understanding from a biblical perspective.
  • There will be greater networking among those called to this sphere in the Body of Christ across church and denominational barriers.
  • That God will raise disciplers with a biblical mindset and understanding of what He wants to do in this sphere and that they will train others.

Pray that in the years ahead God will be greatly glorified through music and dance in Uganda and that music and dance will be used to instruct and disciple the nation in biblical values.

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