Protocols and demands of the Jubilee year

Positioning Ourselves

As we noted earlier, the Jubilee season is calculated by 7 x 7 years plus 1 which gives us 50 years. The 49th year trumpet is blown in the last 7th year before the 50th year. The year of the trumpet blast is a special time. It is: 

  1. A Time of Refocusing: When new development agendas are devised and old ones redefined.
  2. A Time of Reflecting: When leaders and followers alike are engrossed in deep spiritual introspection and intellectual initiatives.
  3. A Time of Repairing: When the national walls and gates that are broken down are put in order.
  4. A Time for New Dimensions of Relating: When social adjustments are made to former slaves as freeborn and total strangers as brothers.
  5. A Time of Redeeming: When everything a nation has lost can be restored in the twinkling of an eye.
  6. A Time of Resting: When the mystery of mercy and grace will ensure the peace that passes all understanding.
  7. A Time of Rewarding: When the sacrifice of yesterday is delayed, gratification can be enjoyed in an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and abundance.
  8. A Time of True Repentance: When people must demonstrate a radical change of mind, action and direction as indicated by Dr. Mensah Otabil.
  9. A Time of Making Restitutions: When the financial or social misbehaviours of yesterday can be practically rectified through restitution to individuals, institutions and nations cheated.
  10. A Time of Divine Retribution: When those who fail to embrace the amnesty, mercy and grace of the season are bound to experience the unpalatable experience of divine judgment.




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