Consequences of missing a season of visitation

Positioning Ourselves

When a people miss their season of visitation, you can be sure that disaster is lurking around the corner. Jerusalem missed its day (singular) of visitation and as a result days (plural) of judgment came upon her. 

The consequences of the Jews of Jesus’ day missing their time of visitation continue to reverberate in our world today. About forty years after Jesus’ lamentation and prophecy over Jerusalem, the armies of the Roman Emperor Titus completed the siege of Jerusalem and ransacked the city.

The Jewish historian Josephus who lived at the time and wrote extensively about the fall of Jerusalem claims that 1,100,000 people were killed during the siege, of which a majority were Jewish, and that 97,000 were captured and enslaved. Then began the 2000-year exile of the Jewish people that only ended in 1948. Their day of visitation can be equated to Jesus three year ministry among them; the days of judgment that came upon them lasted from AD 70 until 1967 when the Jews regained back from the Gentiles the control of Jerusalem.

In Numbers 13, as a result of misguided information from the majority of tribal elders of their time, the Israelites misread the time of entering their promised land. The consequences were dire for that generation. Forty years of wandering in the desert resulted and in the ensuing years, the entire population of adults twenty years and above (apart from Joshua and Caleb) was buried in the wilderness.


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