50 Days of dedicating the next 50 years of Uganda

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Uganda Jubilee Network was set up and registered in 2011 as an association of 6 organizations to help sensitize Ugandans about the spiritual significance of the nation’s Jubilee. On 9th October 2011, Uganda entered her Golden Jubilee Year that ends on 9th October 2012.

Prior to that, 40 days of prayer, fasting and reflection were held to specifically address matters that had been stumbling stones in our first 49-year journey as a nation.(Please refer to the appendix section of the Uganda Jubilee Handbook or to the attachments).

On Independence Day 2012, we begin a new season in our nation’s history.

As we look forward to the beginning of a new period in our history as a nation, Uganda Jubilee Network is organizing 50 days of prayer and fasting to be held from 11th August to 29th September 2012 for the purpose of dedicating the next 50 years of Uganda to God.

The following are the salient points for the 50 days:

  1. Each of the seven weeks in the 50 days will focus on a specific region of the nation (please refer to “50 Days of Prayer” program).
  2. Each day of the 50 days will also have a specific focus of prayer.
    • Specific districts.
    • Specific tribe(s).
    • A specific year of the next 50 years.
  3. At the end of the prayer and fasting season, on 29 September 2012 regions nationwide are encouraged to hold solemn assemblies.
  4. During the prayer gatherings offerings will be collected for those in prison; guidelines and contacts will be communicated.
  5. 8th October 2012, the national day of prayer and thanksgiving will be a day of dedicating the nation and its leadership.
  6. Practical outreaches to prisons for ministry and charity will be done as a point of action.

The main goal of the season is to get as many Christians as possible involved in praying for the future of our nation. Everybody should participate in some way. Believers are encouraged to participate in various ways:

  1. Fast and pray on the designated day for their district/tribe
  2. Observe the week of fasting for their region
  3. Gather to pray daily or weekly in their local churches
  4. Observe the 50 days following the one meal a day model, or the Daniel fast
  5. Give towards those in prison; (donate your meal or meals) to the work of ministry to prisoners

A prayer guide will be made available before the 50 days commence.

The month of July 2012 is being used for nationwide mobilization. Teams will visit the districts/ regions to sensitize Christians about the Jubilee season and make preparations for the prayer season.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you and the people you lead to participate in this season of prayer for the nation and where you can, to help provide local leadership.

Uganda Jubilee Network can be contacted through email: ugandajubilee@gmail.com or by phone: +256 759 867378.

Let us possess the spiritual gates of the next 50 years.

In His Vineyard,

Dr. James Magara
Chairman Steering Committee

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