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Welcome to the landmark Solemn Assembly, 8-9 October 2012

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On behalf of the Uganda Jubilee Network and its member organizations so far:

Church of Uganda, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda, Born Again Faith, Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda, World Trumpet Mission & Intercessors for Uganda.

We, members of the Steering Committee, welcome you to this landmark Solemn Assembly. Today, 8th October 2012 is the very last day of the first fifty years of Uganda’s history as an independent nation while tomorrow, 9th October 2012 is the very first day of our next fifty years as a nation. We are therefore meeting at a gate of a very important national season that for most of us will only come once in a lifetime.

Last year 2011, we marked 40 days of prayer and repentance focusing on national sins that were part of our first 49 years of national history: witchcraft and idolatry, sexual immorality, bloodshed, theft and corruption, tribalism and disunity. We concluded the prayer season with a Solemn Assembly at Independence Grounds, Kololo on 8th October 2011.

This year, from August 11th 2012, believers nationwide marked 50 days of prayer and fasting focusing on dedicating the next fifty years of Uganda. This prayer season concluded on 29th September with Jubilee Prayer Walks in some of our cities and towns and Solemn Assemblies in different parts of the country.

Today, we gather on a day that bridges the first fifty years and the next fifty years of our nation’s history. In a few hours, Uganda will crossover from her first 50 years of existence as a nation and begin her 51st year.

The Jubilee season, which is still ongoing, provides us with an opportune time to seek and return to the Lord. The themes of the Jubilee season in accordance with Leviticus 25 are:

  1. Liberty
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Amnesty
  4. Justice
  5. Debt release
  6. Economic emancipation and finally
  7. Rest, Restoration and a chance to reset the clock and start over again.

Fifty years ago, there was no spiritual preparation and gathering like we have had these two years to dedicate the then new nation to God’s purposes. So today we count ourselves privileged to be going before God on behalf of our motherland to seek his grace, mercy and help as we begin a new season for our motherland.

Let us remember as we pray today that we are playing the intercessory role of going before the King, Law Giver and Judge of the whole earth on our own behalf and that of our children, posterity, our land and its people much like:

  • Abraham did for Lot and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis
  • Daniel did for Israel in Daniel 9
  • Nehemiah did for his people in Nehemiah 9
  • Ezra for his people in Ezra 9
  • Esther for her people in the book of Esther, and
  • Jesus, our Lord and Saviour continually does for us before the Father.

In this landmark gate of the next 50 years, let us give our all to intercede for our beloved motherland that we will fit in the plan of God for our generation and the nations in the next fifty years.

We also appeal to you to give generously towards this event and towards the ministry to those in prison during this season of Jubilee. For those who would like to contribute in other ways, these are the Account details:  (Cheques payable to UGANDA JUBILEE NETWORK, POST BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER 1630000001423 and MOBILE MONEY PHONE NUMBER 0772629662)

Abundant Jubilee Blessings!

Dr. James Magara

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