Nakaseke district prepares and embraces Jubilee season

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I am writing on behalf of the Nakaseke branch of IFU. We have a jubilee committee and are engaged in the preparations for Jubilee 2012 in our district.

During the months of January to March, our emphasis is on Youth and family.

On Feb 24th we held a prayer breakfast to sensitize the whole district on the Jubilee preparations for the nation and of course Nakaseke District. We invited zone leaders of the NFBA churches in the district, the District NRM chairman, Police Commander and O.C Nakaseke Police post, other civil leaders in the district and town council and Nakaseke intercessors.

We had a team of missionaries from UK ministering in the area, preaching the Gospel in the area and they too were invited to the breakfast. We had two guest speakers; Pastor Lwere from NFBA churches and Mr. Sydney Miller (read Mulira). Pastor Lwere was represented by Rev. Semazi in charge of church planting in NFBA churches.

nak_5Pastor David Sseruwagi the chairman Jubilee committee Nakaseke introduced the guest speakers. He briefly explained what Jubilee meant basing on Leviticus 25 from the Bible and asked members to seize this opportune time to work towards forgiveness and reconciliation, justice and building a better Nakaseke and nation for the next 50 years.

Mr. Sydney Miller spoke on the need for repentance as the Jews did on Yom Kippur. He urged that Ugandans should learn to live together as Ugandans rather than stick to their tribes or ethnicities. The team that he was leading had members from different parts of UK, including a Welshman but they were one.

nak_3Pastor Semazi closed the day encouraging Ugandans to rise up and build a better Uganda in the next 50 years.

The breakfast ended with prayers; Pastor Joel Bukenya lead in thanksgiving to God for Uganda Mr. Katabazi lead us in Repenting for whatever had gone wrong in the last 50 years

Pastor Ssenyonga raised up Nakaseke District to the Lord Pastor David lead the meeting in prayer for England and for the future of Uganda in the next 50 years.

nak_4At the close there was a prophetic action of all members hugging each other as a sign of reconciliation.


By Pastor David Sseruwagi

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