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Dear All,
Greetings to you all who love and cherish Bunyoro. Thank you very much for the good work you are doing in your various occupations and vocations.

Allow me to inform you of the historical and momentous meeting being organised at Duhaga near St. Peters Cathedral, where Christian leaders from Church of Uganda, Roman Catholic Church and Pentecostal movement totaling 2500 people are going to have a solemn assembly before the Lord God Almighty from 19th to 23rd May 2013 to hear from Him concerning the multitudinous spiritual and economic challenges facing Bunyoro region.  On the final day of 23rd May, they will be joined by 1000 other leaders including the King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, cultural/clan/civic/political/business leaders. The budget now stands at UGX 250 million. As you can see this is a massive undertaking requiring sacrificial giving from all Banyoro. Please take time to read the brochure.

It is for this purpose that we, in the Kampala and Hoima Organising Committees humbly request and plead with you to consider praying and giving sacrificially, generously and joyously to this event. Pastor Joshua Lwere, the Coordinator of this event, has donated UGX 80 million from his own pocket to cater for the huge tents/toilets/chairs/transport and attendant labour from Fotogenix and he is willing to sacrifice more. I have quoted his example to challenge all of us that if he, a non-Munyoro is so convinced of this cause that he is willing to sink so much into this event, how much more so should we the children of Bunyoro sacrificially give?

We in the organising committees are spiritually convinced that Bunyoro Region is going to receive a visitation from the Lord and that He will turn around the spiritual and economic fortunes of Bunyoro, and not only Bunyoro but the entire nation of Uganda. We are further convinced that He will also visit individual Banyoro and all those who have decided to make Bunyoro their home and are aware of His visitation and will have done their all to ensure that His visit is a resounding success. Therefore we must do all that it takes to buy the present and future for our children and grandchildren by investing sacrificially and willingly in this noble cause. Be rest assured that if we fail, we will never be forgiven by our children and grandchildren. Be further informed that whatever little is remaining for us. Let us not be like the children of Israel who failed to recognise the time of their visitation at the first coming of Jesus Christ and have for over 2000 years been suffering the consequences.

Please make your contributions to:

Account No: 9030004592203

The following people are authorized to receive money on their mobiles.
1.    Nicholas Kisakye (Chairman, Kampala Organising Committee) – 0772 338 586
2.    Peter Isingoma (Treasurer) – 0776 360 141
3.    Daudi Mugisa (Member) – 0787 422 336

Please state the acronym TBC and your name.

In His Service,

Daudi Mugisa
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Kyambogo University
On behalf of the Kampala Organising Committee

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