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It is only recently when I understood and linked the concept of a sabbatical leave with Leviticus 25 where the nation of Israel was instructed to take a year’s vacation after 6 years of work. I also discovered that the concept of a 49 and 99 year land lease came straight out of Leviticus 25 as did the concept of marking and celebrating 50 years as a jubilee. Indeed there are many things  we practice today that we do not link with their biblical origins.

We began this process with a season of prayer from August to October 2011. On 9th October 2011, Uganda passed the milestone of its 49th year of nationhood and embarked on the journey into her 50th year – the year of Jubilee. We are currently moving through our 50th year; this one-year journey ends on Independence Day 2012.

The journey through this Jubilee year provides an opportune time to commemorate the achievements and failures of the past, celebrate our present station and contemplate the journey yet ahead of us. It also provides an opportune time to get the full benefits of the Jubilee season in accordance with Leviticus 25 are: Liberty, Family Reunion, Amnesty, Justice, Debt release, Economic emancipation and finally Rest, Restoration and a chance to reset the clock and start over again.

During this Jubilee year 2012, UJN seeks to foster a monthly focus on various aspects of our lives with the objectives of:

  • Commemorating the past (honouring the memories)
  • Celebrating the present (rejoicing in achievements)
  • Contemplating the future (considering possibilities for the future)

Once again, welcome to the UJN official site and we encourage you to make good use of this site as we celebrate together and proclaim liberty throughout the land.

Dr. James Magara


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