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How to recover from a career set-back

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  Mr. Patrick Ngolobe (GRACE strategy)

Gratitude to yourself : purpose , respect your why and move on
Resilience : rebrand , refocus , pivot career and re-imagine the future ( 5yrs from now ) build inept resilience , build new networks, you have won so many battles , you have created a path … competencies
Awareness: what drives you , energy levels , competencies
Courage: try out , explore
Empathy : empathize with yourself ..know your worth

Mr. Paul Bukenya
1. Pray
2. Recalibrate; as long as you are alive!
3. Build relationships
4. The grace; do you know where God is leading you? have faith in the grace of God



Mrs. Allen Kagina
1. Push through if this is your territory , your career, push
through that wall !
2. Take control of your life !! avoid excuses, don’t become a victim (sign of giving up) don’t succumb! If you are doing right , don’t stop ! Pray
3. Take counsel; get a different view and do your very best everyday

Dr. James Magara
1. Mentorship; Prayerfully seek a mentor.

There is nothing new under the sun.

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